Meet The Woman Behind The Cover Of The Latest Issue Of GEQ Magazine: Maria Singh

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Maria Singh, a woman of extraordinary achievements and unwavering commitment to community service, has emerged as a beacon of inspiration and empowerment. Her remarkable journey, spanning continents and diverse roles, reflects a life dedicated to education, entrepreneurship, and community engagement.

Educational Pursuits in England

Maria embarked on her journey to knowledge by pursuing nursing studies in England for two years. This educational foundation laid the groundwork for her future endeavours in the healthcare sector.

Entrepreneurial Spirit and Leadership Roles

Upon arriving in Australia in 1979, Maria established a small business specializing in contract cleaning. Her entrepreneurial acumen and dedication led her to diverse leadership roles, including a supervisory position in cleaning services, a training officer in environmental services, and the management of a small hotel.

Versatile Career and Community Involvement

Maria’s career path took an inspiring turn as she ventured into agency nursing on weekends, demonstrating her commitment to both healthcare and community welfare. Her multitasking abilities came to the forefront as she managed a small business specializing in selling gowns.

International Recognition

Maria Singh has earned accolades on the international stage, exemplifying her outstanding contributions and influence. She has been honoured as the “International Woman of the Year” by the Passci Association, a testament to her global impact and leadership.

Community and Family Acknowledgments

Her dedication to family and community has not gone unnoticed. Maria has been awarded “Mother of the Year” by the Agapi Pilipino Association, recognizing her nurturing spirit and commitment to familial bonds.

In addition, she has been crowned “Miss Valentine” by the Safsi Pilipino Association, “Miss Tarlac Philippines,” and “Mother of the Year” by the Narra Pilipino Association. Maria Singh’s community involvement also extends to her role as the 2nd runner-up in the Mrs. Tourism category.

Active Memberships

Maria is an esteemed member of the Sydney West Multicultural Pilipino Association, where her contributions have enriched the cultural tapestry of the community. She is also actively engaged in promoting inclusivity and understanding as a member of the Disability Multicultural Association.

Maria Singh’s story is one of resilience, achievement, and dedication to community service. Her diverse experiences, both professionally and personally, serve as an inspiration to others aspiring to make a positive impact on the world.

GEQ Magazine recently caught up with Maria, and here’s what went down:

Can you provide additional insights into who you are?

I am a motivated and resilient woman with a deep love for people and a passion for helping others. Additionally, I possess a creative mindset.

What aspirations do you hold for your future endeavours?

In the face of the myriad challenges and the sheer complexity that defines our world, there exists an audacious longing – a desire that extends beyond the boundaries of the ordinary. It is a wish imbued with the belief that, despite the chaos and intricacies of our global landscape, there lies an invaluable opportunity to engage with leaders who shape the destiny of nations. In essence, my wish to meet leaders around the world transcends the personal; it is a call for unity, collaboration, and the recognition that in our shared humanity, we hold the potential to overcome the challenges that confront us.

What guidance would you offer to the generations that follow?

Embrace challenges, Maintain a positive outlook consistently, Strive for success, always aiming to emerge victorious, I aspire to pass on my wisdom to my children, grandchildren, and all relatives worldwide, leaving a lasting impression so that I am remembered. Despite not being affluent, I have mastered the art of securing sponsorships.

Embracing challenges has been a cornerstone of my journey, allowing me to navigate the intricate tapestry of life with resilience and determination. Maintaining a perpetual positive outlook has been my compass, guiding me through various terrains and shaping my approach to adversity.

The perpetual desire to emerge victorious isn’t just a fleeting aspiration for me; it’s a mantra that echoes in every facet of my life. I firmly believe that adopting a winning mindset propels us toward success, fostering personal growth and the achievement of our goals.

One of my most cherished ambitions is to share the wealth of intelligence I’ve acquired throughout my experiences, leaving behind a legacy for my children, grandchildren, and all my relatives across the globe. It goes beyond material wealth; it’s about imparting knowledge, insights, and life lessons that transcend generations.

While financial affluence may not have been a constant companion on my journey, I’ve learned the art of securing sponsors. This skill has empowered me to overcome financial constraints, enabling me to pursue my goals and dreams.

In essence, my life’s journey has been a testament to the belief that embracing challenges, maintaining a positive mindset, and striving for victory are not just individual principles but a holistic approach to living.