Meet The Queens Behind The Cover Of The November 2021 Issue Of GEQ Magazine: The Ms Australia, New Zealand & Oceania World Universal Queens

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Ms. World Universal Australia, New Zealand, Oceania World is the premier international Pageant system for women ages 25 and over.

Ms. World Universal Australia, New Zealand, Oceania encompasses growth, development, mentoring, and coaching at a National Level and provides opportunities for women to compete on an international stage at the Ms. World Universal International Finals.

Ms. World Universal Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania proudly provides each candidate the opportunity for personal growth, self-expression, and development – through stage presence, public speaking, and international travel opportunities. They recognise women’s strengths and accomplishments.

With integrity, strong moral values, and promoting all women of today, Ms. World Universal provides unique opportunities for all women to achieve their goals. They believe that a woman’s value and beauty should not be defined by her relationship status or age.

Ms. Australia, New Zealand & Oceania World Universal is also proud to partner with Tour de Cure, raising funds for the Scott Canner Young Investigator Grant – joining them in their mission to cure cancer.

Without further ado, let’s meet the Ms. World Universal 2021 queens:

Tulip Goujon

Tulip Goujon Lealaitagomoa is a 45-year-young, strong, and independent pacific island woman from beautiful Samoa. God is at the centre of everything she does, and she draws self-belief, respect, success, and a strong mindset from daily prayer and self-affirmations. She’s a proud advocate of self-love and supporting her community in getting educated about discovering, maintaining, and living a healthy lifestyle. She loves going to church, pushing her limits at the gym, and all things fashion. In her spare time, she likes to draw out designs and work on bringing them to life. She’s grateful for the blessing of being able to represent her homeland in different countries through pageantry over these past few years. Currently, she holds the title of Mrs. World Oceania Elite 2021-2022. She’s confident in herself and proud to be a hard-working mother, model, and overall queen. She enjoys her life because she feels that being herself is so easy!

The best advice she can give to anyone is never to compare your journey to another’s. Everyone moves at their own pace, so it’s better to focus on your own moves. She encourages her fellow Pacific and Oceania sisters all over the world to never give up on their dreams. You can be whatever and whoever you want to be. Trust in God, be compassionate, and when you find anything hard to finish, remember the reason why you started. She’s filled with gratitude for all those who have supported her go far. Her family- parents, brothers and sisters, beloved children, and friends make her world more bright, and for that, she’s thankful.

Cyprian Fruean-Posesione

Cyprian Fruean-Posesione is currently the reigning Ms. Ocenia World Universal 2021. Cyprian got her first taste of pageantry back in 1994 when she turned 21 years old and joined Miss Samoa. She has always wanted to showcase her talent and gain confidence in front of people. The next day she was selected to take part in a photoshoot for a magazine to promote Samoa Tourism. Her late grandfather Sala Suivai, saw she had potential with performing and entertaining at family and community functions so he encouraged me to take the opportunity to enter abroad. From there she had discovered her passion on stage within the pageant industry. She entered again in 1995 in the Miss Samoa NZ pageant in New Zealand where she won the talent and traditional wear segment and came 2nd runner up. In 2017 she joined Mrs. Worldwide representing Samoa in Singapore – she made it in the top 10 and won Mrs. Congeniality. Furthermore, in 2018 she represented Samoa in Taiwan at the Lady of Brilliancy pageant where she came top 10 for talent and the winner of the Lady of Charity title. Her National Director and Designer is none other than Tito Stowers.

Leila Loei

Leila Loei sparkles for every woman and girl. She is a proud single mom to two children, an entrepreneur, a mentor. She regularly volunteers her time with a number of Not-for-Profit organisations in Brisbane, promoting awareness and engaging with the community on the salient issue of DV Prevention.

Leila has been an amazing success story for a migrated woman. After completion of her Bachelor Degree in Food Science & Technology Engineering, In 2003, Leila decided to come to Australia to follow up and achieve her dreams to become a successful woman, so she completed her double Master Degrees in Environmental Health and Health Science. In 2018, she returned to study to finish her Australia Migration Law & Practice. In 2006, Leila was employed in a government sector, however after experiencing so many years of discrimination, bullying, and sexual harassment in her workplace. Leila has decided to open a new chapter in her career by establishing her own business consulting company to achieve her goals and take control of her life completely in 2021 in the middle of COVID 19, the Global Pandemic crisis.

Besides all, she loves fashion and acting, so she is a professional, experienced international model and published in magazines globally. She has walked numerous fashion shows in Australia and overseas and is a charity advocate. Being part of fundraising charity events for vulnerable people such as children and women, empowering and motivating her to achieve her goals.

Leila, as Ms. Australia World Universal Ambassador 2021, Ms. Persia Universal Elegance 2019, and Ms. Galaxy Australia 1st runner up 2019, strongly believes that each and every single one of us has a voice. We all have a story (or stories) to tell, which consists of our experiences and locations, our hopes and aspirations, and how they have shaped us into who we are and how we live our lives, be it by choice or by circumstance. Her platform is domestic violence awareness and education for street children. She has experienced Domestic Violence for so many years of her life by staying in a toxic relationship. However, she decided to finish any Domestic Violence against herself and her kids since 2016. She has built and established a primary school for no socioeconomic children in Iran to give them the opportunity to study to follow up her father’s legacy and dream.

Leila would Dare herself to improve upon and build her self-confidence by venturing outside her comfort zone; She would Dare herself to contact people and help them when they require to be helped. She would Dream of partnering and collaborating with the UN WOMEN that share her vision of supporting and helping others, particularly children and women. She is a survivor from a men-dominated society to show all women around the world to be proud of their identity, values themselves of who they are, and believe in. She believes in herself, and she will be successful at accomplishing her Dares, Dreams, and goals.

Challenging and developing herself feels like the sky is the limit! Bottom line, She Is A Proud Survivor and Warrior Of Domestic Violence.

Sandy Nand

Sandy Nand was originally born in Fiji, but she moved to New Zealand to bring up a family. She is a career-oriented person, while she also focuses on her family as well. She works for a Finance company but recently broke all the social norms by speaking up against Domestic Violence – she’s passionate about assisting women and men in abusive relationships and breast cancer fundraising. She loves fashion because she uses fashion to portray her message to her followers.

Diana Omuoyo

Ms. New Zealand Universal 2021, Diana Omuoyo currently resides in Sydney, Australia, where she works as an IT professional. She is an avid advocate for Women in Tech and has a keen interest in reducing inequality and promoting Inclusion in STEM related fields.

Diana has been instrumental in facilitating discussions on Diversity, Leadership, Mental & Financial Wellbeing. She stays active as a community leader by volunteering with various local and global programs supporting STEM/ESTEAM, Inclusion, Quality Education, and Entrepreneurship.

Since winning the title, she has volunteered as a mentor with the PFC Founders program – a UNSW initiative for emerging entrepreneurs and participated as a STEM mentor with Summer of Tech NZ – supporting University students in Aotearoa.

She is currently working with ColabL – an initiative focussed on career-based mentoring for the underrepresented communities. She also continues to serve as an active fellow for Team4Tech – a Silicon Valley-based nonprofit with the mission of improving the quality of education for underserved learners around the world through technology solutions.

Her mission and aspirations are to be a positive influence and encourage others to do the same because she has learned from experience that every act of kindness makes a difference to another.

Cole Nocera

Cole has been in the pageant industry for six years, competing in many National pageants and even competing internationally in 2019. Cole believes in exuding your best self regardless of what society has to say as we deserve the space to do so, therefore paving the way for many alike to shine your brightest.

Cole works as a Youth homelessness caseworker inside the refuges for young people across NSW. She prides herself on her work in trauma-informed practice and strives to educate many around trauma, in particular childhood trauma. Outside of this, she runs a small business in cosmetic tattooing as a way of self-care.

She is also heavily involved in community projects with homeless youth, women who have experienced Domestic Violence, and women who have come out of incarceration with the Women’s Justice Network. As a new community project, Cole has started facilitating the “Love Bites” program inside high schools educating year ten students on family and domestic violence, sex and relationships. She sees this as an important bridging to our youth and planting seeds on having positive relationships, language, and recognising red flags.

Cole was nominated for the 7news community service award and was a finalist out of 100s in NSW for the 7news NSW health bettering communities award 2020 and 2021.

Em Hardwicke

It took Em 40 years and the birth of her son to be truly comfortable with herself, to love the person she is, and to be proud of her achievements and successes in her life. It is this passion, determination, and hard work that has got her through some tough times and has given her the strength and courage to take on some big dreams and physical challenges over the years.

“When I chose to enter Ms. Australia World Universal, I wanted my journey to mean something, and I wanted to make a difference,” Em said.

“As a sisterhood, we support Cancer Research and the search for a cure to bring an end to this hideous disease. As an individual, I support and advocate for anti-bullying and suicide prevention, a cause that I am incredibly passionate about and one that has very personal meaning to me.”

Em said for her, like for so many others, 2020 was a year never to be forgotten as her family, along with the local community, battled the Snowy Mountains bushfires in January and COVID in March, which saw her stood down from her job and ultimately made redundant, leaving her without work and her family not knowing what was next. Knee surgery also forced Em to give up one of her true loves, long-distance running.

Not one to let a setback deter Em from achieving her goals, she refocused, found a new job she absolutely loves, and got back to the real passions in her life and, it seems, being crowned Ms. Australia was just the start of things for Em in 2021.

Her dedication, passion and support of anti-bullying and suicide prevention has also seen Em be announced as a Bully Zero HIRO and a cast member of Adventure All Stars, an international television series, broadcast in 25 countries, that successfully combines entertainment with philanthropy.

“I have been amazed and inspired by the opportunities that have presented themselves this year,” says Em.

“Every opportunity gives me another chance to support Bully Zero and to help them create a world free from bullying. It also gives me the unique opportunity to show people that you really can achieve anything regardless of age, status, gender,

physical ability and that we really are only restricted by the limitations we place on ourselves.”

Bully Zero HIROs – this is Bully Zero’s national volunteer program that draws on the voices, passion, and energy of those who are passionate about putting a stop to bullying in their community.

Bullying impacts over two million Australians every year; whether it’s young people at school, employees in the workplace, or all ages online, many face the challenging impacts of becoming targets of bullying behaviours.

Together, HIROs raise awareness, educate the community, raise funds, and share a message of hope.

Adventure All-Stars features real-life cast members undertaking an unforgettable journey to a secret location for six days of fun and adventure. Adventure All-Stars is the ultimate road trip where TV viewers get to experience incredible locations through the eyes of an engaging and socially conscious cast.

As a cast member, Em is required to raise funds and awareness on behalf of her chosen charity, Bully Zero. Em’s goal is to raise a minimum of $10,000 to help Bully Zero bring an end to bullying and to create an Australia where we all feel safe, valued and respected.

“This is such a special and unique opportunity, I couldn’t pass it up, and who knows, my participation and my fundraising may just help save the life of a young person struggling with being bullied and who believes their only way out is to take their own life. I will take anything thrown at me, if it means the difference between life and death.”

Em plans to continue her community work well into 2022 with her continued support of Bully Zero and Tour de Cure.“There are a lot of exciting things coming up, and I am honoured and proud to be a part of two such amazing organisations that make a difference in the lives of so many people. I take my title seriously. Being Ms. Australia is not just about the title, the sash, or the crown; it’s about how I can make a difference in my community. It’s also about being a role model for other women and young girls and showing them that anything is possible; you just need to believe that it is.”

Jodie-Maree Hudson

Jodie-Maree Hudson is 31 years old, and she has always had a passion for helping others. She joined the Army when she was 17 years old to serve her country and help her community.

Unfortunately, due to being injured while on exercise, she was medically discharged in 2020. During her career, she achieved a lot – in fact, in 2016, she received a solders medallion for exemplary service.

She would love to help show young girls and women that they can achieve anything they put their minds to, no matter how big or small it may be.

She recently learned to walk again after an injury she sustained during exercise in the Army. Doctors told her that she would need to find something that does not involve moving around or moving too far from the bed. She’s now volunteering at the RSL, which she was told less than 12 months ago she would never be able to do.

She still struggles with pain and movement most days; however, she finds trying to stay active and always stay positive is the key. She’s currently studying a nursing course, and she hopes on completion that she will be able to continue to help people within her community.

Leonie Thomas

Leonie Thomas was recently crowned Ms. Australia Elite at the recent Ms. Australia NZ Oceania World Universal Pageant and is excited to be representing Australia in 2022 for her chance to WIN the Ms. World/Ms. World Elite title.

Leonie is a qualified youth worker and welfare officer who founded an award-winning not-for-profit social enterprise. In 2012 she won the Australasian Housing Institute Award for one of the programs she developed that saw people from low-income households socially reconnect not just to service providers but the community as a whole.

She advocates on behalf of Parents Beyond Breakup as well as Youth Homelessness/Homelessness and Lupus as well as a variety of other causes.

She is a believer in the phrase, “the actions of one when supported by many can create positive change” and loves the concept of people helping people.

Leonie is a Brand Ambassador for Silk Oil Of Morocco – an Australian Hair Care & Beauty Range. She has worked as an extra on various TV shows including All Saints, Packed to The Rafters, Home and Away, and more recently Doctor Doctor as well as being featured in East West 101 among others. She has dabbled in modelling on and off since she was 17.

She has also attended various events as a guest speaker/keynote spokesperson at Zonta International, Probus, White Ribbon Day, Youth Homelessness, and Lupus and she has appeared on the Morning Show. Leonie ran a support group for people with various autoimmune diseases for nearly 5 years and is extremely passionate about the causes she chooses to align herself with.