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Maria Singh, a woman of extraordinary achievements and unwavering commitment to community service, has emerged as a beacon of inspiration and empowerment. Her remarkable journey, spanning continents and diverse roles, reflects a life dedicated to education, entrepreneurship, and community engagement.

Educational Pursuits in England

Maria embarked on her journey to knowledge by pursuing nursing studies in England for two years. This educational foundation laid the groundwork for her future endeavours in the healthcare sector.

Entrepreneurial Spirit and Leadership Roles

Upon arriving in Australia in 1979, Maria established a small business specializing in contract cleaning. Her entrepreneurial acumen and dedication led her to diverse leadership roles, including a supervisory position in cleaning services, a training officer in environmental services, and the management of a small hotel.

Versatile Career and Community Involvement

Maria’s career path took an inspiring turn as she ventured into agency nursing on weekends, demonstrating her commitment to both healthcare and community welfare. Her multitasking abilities came to the forefront as she managed a small business specializing in selling gowns.

International Recognition

Maria Singh has earned accolades on the international stage, exemplifying her outstanding contributions and influence. She has been honoured as the “International Woman of the Year” by the Passci Association, a testament to her global impact and leadership.

Community and Family Acknowledgments

Her dedication to family and community has not gone unnoticed. Maria has been awarded “Mother of the Year” by the Agapi Pilipino Association, recognizing her nurturing spirit and commitment to familial bonds.

In addition, she has been crowned “Miss Valentine” by the Safsi Pilipino Association, “Miss Tarlac Philippines,” and “Mother of the Year” by the Narra Pilipino Association. Maria Singh’s community involvement also extends to her role as the 2nd runner-up in the Mrs. Tourism category.

Active Memberships

Maria is an esteemed member of the Sydney West Multicultural Pilipino Association, where her contributions have enriched the cultural tapestry of the community. She is also actively engaged in promoting inclusivity and understanding as a member of the Disability Multicultural Association.

Maria Singh’s story is one of resilience, achievement, and dedication to community service. Her diverse experiences, both professionally and personally, serve as an inspiration to others aspiring to make a positive impact on the world.

GEQ Magazine recently caught up with Maria, and here’s what went down:

Can you provide additional insights into who you are?

I am a motivated and resilient woman with a deep love for people and a passion for helping others. Additionally, I possess a creative mindset.

What aspirations do you hold for your future endeavours?

In the face of the myriad challenges and the sheer complexity that defines our world, there exists an audacious longing – a desire that extends beyond the boundaries of the ordinary. It is a wish imbued with the belief that, despite the chaos and intricacies of our global landscape, there lies an invaluable opportunity to engage with leaders who shape the destiny of nations. In essence, my wish to meet leaders around the world transcends the personal; it is a call for unity, collaboration, and the recognition that in our shared humanity, we hold the potential to overcome the challenges that confront us.

What guidance would you offer to the generations that follow?

Embrace challenges, Maintain a positive outlook consistently, Strive for success, always aiming to emerge victorious, I aspire to pass on my wisdom to my children, grandchildren, and all relatives worldwide, leaving a lasting impression so that I am remembered. Despite not being affluent, I have mastered the art of securing sponsorships.

Embracing challenges has been a cornerstone of my journey, allowing me to navigate the intricate tapestry of life with resilience and determination. Maintaining a perpetual positive outlook has been my compass, guiding me through various terrains and shaping my approach to adversity.

The perpetual desire to emerge victorious isn’t just a fleeting aspiration for me; it’s a mantra that echoes in every facet of my life. I firmly believe that adopting a winning mindset propels us toward success, fostering personal growth and the achievement of our goals.

One of my most cherished ambitions is to share the wealth of intelligence I’ve acquired throughout my experiences, leaving behind a legacy for my children, grandchildren, and all my relatives across the globe. It goes beyond material wealth; it’s about imparting knowledge, insights, and life lessons that transcend generations.

While financial affluence may not have been a constant companion on my journey, I’ve learned the art of securing sponsors. This skill has empowered me to overcome financial constraints, enabling me to pursue my goals and dreams.

In essence, my life’s journey has been a testament to the belief that embracing challenges, maintaining a positive mindset, and striving for victory are not just individual principles but a holistic approach to living.

From Adversity to Achievement: Margie’s Inspiring Journey of Resilience and Triumph

Photo Credit: @hardphotosofficial 
Makeup by: @makeupbymimzz

Margie’s life story is an extraordinary saga of resilience, bravery, and unyielding determination. Hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia, as a minority ethnic Chinese Christian, she confronted the tumultuous 1998 riots targeting Chinese descendants during President Soeharto’s regime. Despite the adversities, Margie grew up alongside her two younger sisters and one adopted brother, fostering a bond of resilience and unity within her family.

In her personal life, Margie confronted the agony of two marriages marred by domestic violence. Nonetheless, she remains a devoted mother to her three children from her initial marriage, epitomizing love and compassion amid hardships.

In November 2022, Margie received a life-altering diagnosis of stage 3 breast cancer, a blend of HER2 and ER positivity. Following surgery on April 7, 2024, she embarked on a new journey by fearlessly stepping into the realm of modeling in early March 2023, embracing empowerment and self-expression.

Professionally, Margie serves in Business Accounts at Boost Design, an avant-garde Sydney-based product design consultancy specializing in high-tech electronic and mechanical products in Leichhardt, NSW. Additionally, she flourishes as the Front of House at Nobu International Restaurant, nestled in Crown Sydney Tower, Barangaroo, where she exhibits her prowess in hospitality and customer service.

Margie’s professional trajectory is characterized by diversity and influence. She has held roles at esteemed organizations such as Deloitte Australia, where she assumed the mantle of Facility Management Coordinator, and the PICA Group, where she excelled as a Creditors Assistant-Solution Team member. Her professional repertoire also includes stints as an Assistant Fashion Designer for EVENTS fashion company and Trackmasters in Sydney, NSW. Margie has contributed to the medical domain as an eye surgeon assistant at Mascot Eye Specialist and as a medical assistant at Ashfield and Hornsby Medical Centers.

Her commitment to community service shines through her role as the Playgroup Coordinator and President of the Parents, Friends, and Community Association for St Vincent’s College in Ashfield, NSW. Margie’s academic pursuits include studying Hospitality Management at Trisakti Tourism Institute and completing diplomas in Clothing Production, Business Administration, and Accounting Bookkeeping at TAFE NSW.

Despite grappling with health adversities, Margie pursued her passion for fashion and modeling. She graced the runway at the LAKME fashion show in July 2023, merely 20 days post a significant cancer surgery in Malaysia. Margie actively fundraises for cancer charities such as the McGrath Foundation, aiding breast cancer patients, and the RRIC charity organization, supporting victims of domestic violence.

As a model, Margie collaborates with local fashion and beauty enterprises, showcasing Tan Ahkim’s hairstyles and collaborating with photographers, videographers, and makeup artists. She is a member of the Global Elite Media Model group and has been featured in international magazines and fashion shows. Margie’s advocacy for domestic violence awareness led to her being interviewed by the Shakti Sounds Podcast. Moreover, she secured the first runner-up position in the Ms. Australia 2024 category for the Australia Legacy International pageant, epitomizing strength and resilience on a global stage.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Margie operates a self-care business with Monat Global Corp., offering non-toxic hair care, skincare, and wellness products globally. She empowers individuals to prioritize their well-being and embrace self-care practices through her venture. You can explore and purchase these products through Margie’s link at Monat.

Margie’s tale stands as a testament to her unconquerable spirit, unwavering resolve, and dedication to effecting positive change in the world. Her odyssey inspires others to confront challenges with grace, resilience, and an unyielding determination to flourish despite adversity.

Your life story is incredibly inspiring and filled with resilience and determination. Can you take us back to your childhood in Jakarta during the 1998 riots and share how those experiences shaped who you are today?

My grandparents immigrated to Indonesia as first-generation Chinese immigrants, seeking refuge from the political climate in China. Raised as Chinese Indonesians, my parents instilled in me and my siblings a strong sense of identity and culture within Indonesian society.

As Chinese descendants in Indonesia, we found ourselves in the minority, often facing discrimination due to our ethnicity and religious beliefs. Restrictions, such as the inability to hold certain positions, highlighted the challenges we encountered as a marginalized group.

In May 1998, riots erupted under President Soeharto’s regime. As a high school student in Medan, North Sumatra, I witnessed the brutal targeting of the Chinese community. Men were subjected to violence, women were brutally assaulted, and many lives were lost in the chaos that ensued.

Forced to seek refuge in my boarding house, I narrowly escaped a harrowing encounter while attempting to return to Jakarta, where my family resided. The riots spread throughout Indonesia with a sinister agenda aimed at eradicating the Chinese population.

Despite the repeated occurrences of violence and discrimination against the Chinese community in Indonesia, we have persevered, though the scars of those tumultuous times remain. The resilience and determination forged during those dark days have shaped my character and fueled my resolve to stand against injustice and adversity.

While the shadows of the past may linger, I remain steadfast in my commitment to advocate for equality and justice, drawing strength from the resilience that has defined my journey.

You’ve faced challenges in your personal life, including domestic violence in two marriages. How have you managed to navigate through these difficult times while remaining a devoted mother to your children?

Honestly, there were moments when I felt overwhelmed and defeated. The memories of those experiences often brought tears and made it hard to see a way forward.

However, I pushed myself to keep moving forward, reminding myself that my children rely on me. I realized that my life is not just my own; it also belongs to my children and impacts their future.

Despite feeling like a failure and not being able to set a good example as a role model for my kids, I knew that I had to find the strength to persevere for their sake.

What advice would you give to someone currently experiencing domestic violence and seeking a way out?

When faced with domestic violence, I found myself at my lowest point, grappling with feelings of self-blame and inadequacy. The decision to leave my broken marriage was met with internal conflict, as societal norms and cultural expectations made it taboo to separate, especially as a Christian Asian woman.

The community’s harsh condemnation and tendency to blame women in such situations only added to the emotional burden. My family, too, was deeply affected by the trauma, and witnessing the psychological impact on my children was heart-wrenching as they withdrew from public life.

Seeking solace in therapy sessions, I embarked on a journey to overcome my trauma, striving to be present for my children while also focusing on providing for our livelihood. The loss of friends and the feeling of isolation reinforced the belief that no one cared for my well-being.

Breaking away from a community that labeled me as a widow, home wrecker, or worse was a necessary step towards reclaiming my sense of self-worth. Through prayer, self-care, and rekindling my career aspirations, I began rebuilding my life outside societal expectations.

Healing from the wounds of failed marriages is a gradual process, one that requires time, self-compassion, and a willingness to step outside one’s comfort zone. While the journey may be fraught with challenges, it is essential to remember that understanding and empathy can only truly be felt by those who have walked a similar path.

How do you think the legal system can improve its response to cases of domestic violence to protect survivors better?

Having personally experienced domestic violence in my failed marriages while raising three children, I believe there are critical areas where the legal system can enhance its response to better protect survivors:

1. Streamlined Legal Processes: Simplifying and expediting legal procedures related to domestic violence cases can ensure swift action and protection for survivors. Timely restraining orders and legal interventions can prevent further harm.

2. Increased Support Services: The legal system should provide comprehensive support services for survivors, including access to shelters, counseling, and legal aid. These resources are essential for survivors to navigate the legal process and rebuild their lives.

3. Trauma-Informed Approach: Training legal professionals to adopt a trauma-informed approach can help them better understand the complexities of domestic violence and its impact on survivors. This approach can lead to more empathetic and effective responses.

4. Collaboration with Community Organizations: Building strong partnerships with community organizations and support groups can enhance the legal system’s response to domestic violence cases. Collaborative efforts can provide survivors with a network of support beyond legal proceedings.

5. Child-Centric Policies: Recognizing the unique needs of children in domestic violence situations, the legal system should prioritize the safety and well-being of the children involved. Child custody and visitation arrangements should be made with the children’s best interests in mind.

By focusing on these areas, the legal system can better protect survivors of domestic violence, including those who, like me, have endured the trauma of abusive relationships while caring for their children.

Being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer must have been a life-altering experience. Can you tell us about the journey you’ve been on since receiving that diagnosis and how it has influenced your perspective on life?

Being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer was like a sudden storm that I never saw coming. As a single mom of three kids, a model with an unstable income, and someone who has survived two marriages marred by domestic violence, this diagnosis felt like the biggest blow life could throw at me.

The rapid progression of the cancer from stage 1 to stage 3 in such a short time was terrifying and left me feeling incredibly vulnerable. The prospect of undergoing a 9-hour surgery, including mastectomy and reconstruction, was daunting, to say the least. But I knew I had to fight, not just for myself, but for my children who rely on me.

This journey has reshaped my entire outlook on life. It has shown me the fragility of our existence and the importance of embracing every moment with gratitude and love. It has taught me to lean on my kids for strength and to appreciate the support of those who stand by me.

Despite the challenges I’ve faced, I am determined to beat this rare and aggressive cancer. I am determined to emerge from this experience with renewed purpose and resilience. I want to show my children that no matter how tough life gets, we can always find the strength to keep going and never lose hope.

Transitioning into the world of modeling after undergoing significant cancer surgery is remarkable. What inspired you to pursue modeling, and how has it impacted your journey of empowerment and self-expression?

As a single mom of three kids, facing financial instability, and having survived two failed marriages marked by domestic violence, the idea of becoming a model and public figure seemed like an unattainable dream. The comments from people about not fitting the mold of a perfect model only added to my self-doubt and insecurity.

However, after enduring the extensive 9-hour cancer removal surgery for stage 3 breast cancer with a rare and aggressive type, including mastectomy and reconstruction, I realized the true strength and resilience that I possess. The scars left behind by the surgery became a symbol of my battles and my determination to overcome obstacles.

The decision to pursue modeling post-surgery was driven by a desire to redefine beauty standards and empower others facing similar challenges. I wanted to show that beauty comes in all forms and that imperfections can be embraced as part of our unique stories. Modeling became a powerful tool for self-expression and empowerment, allowing me to showcase my inner strength and inspire others to embrace their own journeys.

Modeling has profoundly impacted my life, helping me reclaim my confidence and celebrate my authenticity. It has allowed me to break free from societal expectations and showcase a different kind of beauty – one that is rooted in resilience and self-love. Through modeling, I have found a way to share my story, uplift others facing adversity, and advocate for self-acceptance and empowerment.

Despite facing health challenges, you’ve actively fundraised for cancer charity organizations and advocated for domestic violence awareness. Can you share more about your involvement in these causes and why they are important to you?

As a single mom of three kids, a model with no stable income, a survivor of two failed marriages marked by domestic violence, and currently battling stage 3 breast cancer with a rare, aggressive type, the road has been incredibly tough. The upcoming 9-hour cancer removal surgery, including mastectomy and reconstruction, is daunting, especially without any family support here in Australia to help me during recovery.

Despite these immense challenges, I have found strength and purpose in actively fundraising for cancer charity organizations and advocating for domestic violence awareness. These causes hold a special place in my heart for several reasons. Firstly, my own journey with cancer has opened my eyes to the struggles faced by patients and the importance of support and resources. By fundraising for cancer charities, I hope to make a difference in the lives of those fighting this disease and contribute to research and support initiatives.

Additionally, having experienced the trauma of domestic violence in my past relationships, I understand the urgency of raising awareness and providing support to those in similar situations. Advocating for domestic violence awareness is crucial in breaking the cycle of abuse and offering hope and resources to survivors who may feel alone and trapped.

Despite my personal battles, I am committed to using my voice and platform to bring attention to these vital causes. Through fundraising and advocacy, I aim to create a positive impact, spark conversations, and inspire change in the fight against cancer and domestic violence. These causes resonate deeply with me, and I believe that by standing up and speaking out, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by these issues.

Making your debut on the runway just 20 days after undergoing cancer surgery demonstrates incredible resilience. What motivated you to continue pursuing your passion for fashion and modeling during such a challenging time?

As a single mom of three kids, a model with an unstable income, a survivor of two failed marriages marked by domestic violence, and currently battling stage 3 breast cancer with a rare, aggressive type, the journey has been a true test of strength. The upcoming 9-hour cancer removal surgery, including mastectomy and reconstruction, added to the physical and emotional toll. Despite the challenges, I was determined to walk the runway just 20 days after surgery, even though my medical team advised against it and I needed a wheelchair to move around.

The motivation to continue pursuing my passion for fashion and modeling during such a challenging time came from a deep inner drive to defy the odds and show that beauty and strength come in many forms. Walking the runway represented more than just a modeling gig; it was a symbol of resilience, courage, and the power to overcome adversity. I wanted to inspire others facing similar battles, to show that even in the face of hardship, dreams can still be pursued, and passions can still be lived.

Despite my physical limitations and the doubts from medical professionals, I was fueled by a determination not to let cancer or any other obstacle define me. The runway became my stage to showcase the beauty of survival, the grace in resilience, and the importance of never giving up on your dreams. It was a moment of empowerment, a declaration of strength, and a reminder that even in the darkest times, there is always a glimmer of light to guide us forward.

Walking the runway post-surgery was not just about fashion; it was about embodying the spirit of perseverance and showing the world that no matter what life throws at you, you can still shine brightly and walk with confidence toward your dreams.

As a member of the Global Elite Media Model group, you’ve been featured in international magazines and fashion shows. How has being in the spotlight helped amplify your message of strength and resilience, particularly regarding domestic violence awareness?

As a single mom of three kids, a model with an unstable income, a survivor of two failed marriages marked by domestic violence, and currently battling stage 3 breast cancer with a rare, aggressive type, the journey has been filled with challenges. Despite these obstacles, being a GEM model and achieving the title of first runner-up as Ms Australia 2024 for the Australian Legacy International Pageant has provided me with a unique platform to amplify my message of strength and resilience, especially in raising awareness about domestic violence.

Being featured in international magazines and fashion shows through the Global Elite Media Model group has allowed me to reach a broader audience and share my story of overcoming adversity. The spotlight has given me a voice to speak out against domestic violence, shedding light on the importance of breaking the cycle of abuse and empowering survivors to seek help and support. Through my visibility in the fashion industry and pageant circuit, I have been able to advocate for change and inspire others to stand up against domestic violence.

My presence in the spotlight as a GEM model and pageant titleholder has not only elevated my personal brand but has also served as a platform to promote a message of resilience and empowerment. By sharing my experiences and journey, I aim to inspire others to find strength in the face of adversity and speak out against all forms of abuse. Together, we can work towards creating a world where survivors of domestic violence are supported, empowered, and encouraged to break free from harmful situations.

Through my visibility in the media and fashion industry, I hope to continue amplifying the message of strength and resilience, particularly in the realm of domestic violence awareness. By using my platform to advocate for change and inspire others, I strive to create a ripple effect of empowerment and support for those who may be silently struggling. Together, we can stand united against domestic violence and work towards a future where all individuals are treated with dignity, respect, and compassion.

Unleash Your Brand’s Potential: Strategies to Propel Your Brand to New Heights in 2024

In the fast-paced business world, standing out and expanding your brand’s reach requires a strategic and dynamic approach. As we enter 2024, it’s the perfect time to set ambitious goals and explore innovative ways to explode your brand. Here’s a comprehensive guide to propel your business to new heights in the coming year.

Define Your Brand’s Unique Proposition

Begin by clearly defining what sets your brand apart. Determine your target audience’s unique value proposition and effectively convey it to them. Understanding and articulating what makes your brand special establishes the framework for an engaging and enduring identity.

Leverage Social Media Power

Social media remains a powerhouse for brand exposure. In 2024, focus on creating engaging and shareable content across platforms. Leverage the latest features and trends and explore collaborations with influencers to expand your brand’s visibility. Growth can occur naturally if you engage your audience in real and consistent ways.

Invest in Influencer Marketing

Collaborating with influencers can exponentially boost your brand’s reach. Establish genuine ties with influencers whose audiences correspond with your target market. Influencers can amplify your brand’s message to a wider audience through sponsored content, takeovers, or ambassador programs.

Embrace Video Content

Video content continues to dominate online platforms. Explore various video formats, including short-form content for platforms like TikTok and Reels and long-form content for YouTube. Engaging and informative videos can captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression, driving brand recognition and loyalty.

Prioritize Customer Experience

Exceptional customer experience is a powerful driver of brand success. Invest in personalized and seamless interactions across all touchpoints. Solicit and utilize customer feedback to continuously improve your products or services. A positive customer experience fosters brand advocacy and word-of-mouth marketing.

Optimize for Search Engines

Maximize your brand’s online visibility by investing in search engine optimization (SEO). Ensure your website’s relevant keywords are optimised, create valuable content that answers user queries, and build high-quality backlinks. A robust online presence enhances brand credibility and attracts a wider audience.

Innovate in Product or Service Offerings

Continue to innovate in your product or service offerings to stay ahead of the curve. Listen to customer needs, monitor industry trends, and be agile in adapting to changing market demands. Introducing fresh and relevant offerings keeps your brand dynamic and appealing to a broader audience.

Network and Collaborate

Forge strategic partnerships and collaborations within your industry. Networking with other businesses can open doors to new opportunities, cross-promotion, and shared resources. By association, collaborative actions can increase brand recognition and expose your company to new markets.

Implement Creative Marketing Campaigns

Break through the noise with creative and attention-grabbing marketing campaigns. Whether it’s a viral social media challenge, an interactive online campaign, or an immersive experiential event, creativity and innovation can capture the imagination of your target audience and drive brand engagement.

Harness the Power of Data

Make well-informed judgments on your brand strategy by utilizing data-driven insights. Examine consumer behaviour, gauge the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives, and adapt your approach based on data-driven results. This iterative process ensures your brand strategies are continually refined for optimal impact.

As you embark on the journey to explode your brand in 2024, remember that consistency, authenticity, and adaptability are key. By embracing innovative approaches, fostering meaningful connections with your audience, and staying attuned to market trends, you’ll position your brand for unprecedented growth and success in the coming year.

GEM Modelling & Glamour Academy Set to Launch Exclusive Weekend Bootcamp in 2024

GEM Modelling & Glamour Academy, a pioneering institute in the world of beauty and modelling, is thrilled to announce the launch of its much-anticipated weekend bootcamp in 2024. This intensive 2-day program aims to provide aspiring talents with comprehensive training, mentorship, and industry insights to help them shine in their respective fields.

Highlights of the Bootcamp:

Industry Royalty as Mentors

The GEM Academy bootcamp distinguishes itself by offering participants the unique opportunity to receive guidance from top industry professionals. Renowned names in the business will provide invaluable insights and mentorship to shape the next generation of talent.

Total Transformation

Participants can expect a total transformation during the bootcamp, designed to equip them with the essential skills, attitude, and a stunning look. GEM Academy focuses on meeting the exacting standards of the contemporary glamour industry, ensuring participants emerge as the best version of themselves.

Comprehensive Training

From flawless preparation for beauty pageants to mastering the art of modelling, the bootcamp covers a wide range of topics essential for success in the competitive world of glamour. Knowledge, grooming, and training are at the forefront of the academy’s curriculum.

Exclusive Networking Opportunities

One of the unique aspects of GEM Academy is the chance to network with the industry’s biggest names. This networking opportunity positions participants for a successful entry into the glamour industry.

“The glamour industry demands not just talent but a unique set of skills, knowledge, and grooming. At GEM Academy, we are committed to providing aspiring individuals with the tools they need to make a lasting impact in the world of modelling and beauty pageants. Our weekend bootcamp is designed to be transformative, equipping participants with the confidence and skills to shine in their chosen paths,” said Sue Turner, CEO at GEM Modelling & Glamour Academy.

Key Features of the GEM Academy BootCamp:

  1. Posing Mastery for Photoshoots: Participants will learn the art of posing and facing the camera for a photoshoot, ensuring they capture the perfect angles and expressions to excel in the world of modelling.
  2. Real-Life Rehearsals and Fashion Shows: The BootCamp provides hands-on experience with real-life rehearsals and fashion shows, preparing participants for the dynamic and fast-paced nature of the industry.
  3. Industry Knowledge: Participants gain valuable insights into the modelling and glamour industry, understanding its nuances and staying abreast of the latest trends.
  4. National and International Pageant Training: The BootCamp equips aspiring beauty pageant queens with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in national and international pageants.
  5. Photoshoot Training and Tips: From understanding the dynamics of a photoshoot to receiving tips on how to shine in front of the camera, participants will enhance their photoshoot skills.
  6. Fitness and Nutrition Guidance: The BootCamp provides knowledge on fitness and nutrition tailored for models, ensuring a holistic approach to well-being.
  7. Casting Tips and Tricks: Participants will learn valuable casting tips and tricks, increasing their chances of impressing casting directors and securing coveted opportunities.
  8. Personal Styling: The importance of personal style in the modelling world is emphasized, guiding participants on how to curate a distinctive and marketable image.
  9. Industry Insights and Model Etiquette: Understanding the nuances of the industry and mastering essential model etiquette for success in various professional settings.
  10. Career Growth Strategies: Participants will gain insights into creating, building, nurturing, marketing, and growing themselves as successful professionals in the industry.
  11. Makeup Application Techniques: Instruction on the proper application of makeup to achieve a polished and camera-ready look.

Among the standout features of the GEM Academy weekend bootcamp are:

  1. Complimentary Breakfast and Lunch: Participants can indulge in a free breakfast and lunch provided on both days of the bootcamp. GEM Academy recognizes the importance of fueling creativity, ensuring that attendees are energised and ready to make the most of their learning experience.
  2. Portfolio Shots by a Celebrity Photographer: Aspiring models and individuals looking to build their portfolios will have the chance to shine in front of the lens of a renowned celebrity photographer. This exclusive opportunity ensures that participants leave the bootcamp with professional and stunning portfolio shots, a valuable asset in the competitive world of fashion and modelling.
  3. Live Catwalk in a Fashion Event: GEM Academy is taking experiential learning to the next level by organizing a live catwalk in a glamorous fashion event. Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their newfound skills and confidence on the runway, gaining real-world experience that sets them apart in the fashion industry.
  4. Group Cover Shoot for GEQ Magazine: A highlight of the weekend bootcamp is the chance to be featured on the cover of the next issue of GEQ Magazine. Participants will come together for a group cover shoot, providing a unique collaborative experience and exposure that extends beyond the bootcamp itself.

Get acquainted with the instructors set to guide you at GEM Academy:

Sue Turner

Susan Turner, alternatively known as Sue Turner, currently holds the position of CEO at Global Elite Media Group, GEM Productions, and GEM Academy. Based in Sydney, Australia, she is not only a respected businesswoman but also an accomplished beauty queen and dedicated humanitarian. Susan plays a crucial global mentorship role within the pageant industry, influencing beauty queens worldwide as a prominent public figure.

Her impressive list of beauty queen accolades includes renowned titles such as Mrs. Earth Air Australia 2017, Mrs. Global World International 2018, Humanitarian International 2018, Woman of the World 2018, AGSA’s International Beauty Queen of the Year 2019, and Mrs. Universe Australia 2021. Susan Turner’s contributions extend beyond the realms of business and beauty, encompassing significant humanitarian efforts, making her a prominent figure on the global stage.

With an impressive career spanning over 50 years in this industry, Susan Turner began her journey at the young age of 7. Her dedication and impact were recognized last year with the Un Amnesty Award and the International Humanitarian 2023 Award in Dubai, solidifying her legacy in the field.

Pedro Virgil

Pedro Virgil is renowned as a celebrity photographer and personality on reality TV shows. Notably, he served as a judge and photographer on the reality series Caribbean’s Next Top Model, and contributed as a Guest Photographer on Australia’s Next Top Model and Project Runway Australia seasons 1 & 2. His photography has graced numerous magazine covers and editorials, including features in prestigious publications like Inside Sport, Men’s Health, GQ, Sports Illustrated, DNA Magazine, and FHM, among others.

Pedro’s artistic work extends to major billboards showcasing high-profile brands such as Rolex, Sony, Adidas, Sony Ericsson, and Van Heusen. He has also made his mark in underwear campaigns, including notable brands like Calvin Klein. Pedro’s photographic expertise has been featured on hit television shows such as Australia’s Next Top Model, Project Runway seasons I & II, Football Superstar, Caribbean’s Next Top Model, and Australian Idol.

Kate Heussler

Kate has crafted a diverse career as both a businesswoman and a model. In 2021, she established ‘The Model Masterclass,’ a coaching business aimed at guiding aspiring models to become savvy trailblazers in the industry, equipped with the essential skills for a successful modeling career. Kate has also served as a VIP Judge for numerous Miss Teen, Miss, Ms, Mrs, and LGBTQ pageants.

In 2014, Kate made history by becoming the first Australian to secure a spot in the Top 5 on the Mrs. International world stage in Florida, USA. She not only achieved this milestone but also brought home awards for ‘Best Evening Wear’ and ‘Most Photogenic.’ Over time, Kate’s business acumen and patience proved transformative. Her ‘signature smile’ and unwavering work ethic have led to collaborations and project leads with renowned brands such as BrasNThings, David Jones, Rebel Sport, Ben Sherman, Underwear of Sweden, Zoggs, St Frock, and more.

Among her top clients are BrasNThings, David Jones, Ben Sherman, Rebel Sport, St Frock, and others. Kate has been featured on covers and in lifestyle publications such as Vogue Australia, Girlfriend Magazine, Cosmopolitan Brides, Cosmopolitan Australia, Oxygen Magazine, NZ Woman’s Weekly, WHITE, Modern Wedding, and more.

Joanne Nicolas

Joanne Nicolas, the talented, brilliant, and beautiful international fashion model, has established herself as one of the hardest-working supermodels in the modelling industry. She excels in various types of modelling and she’s highly experienced with several years of runway work under her belt.

Having 17 years of experience in the modelling industry, mostly in New York and Sydney, she was scouted by Victoria’s Secret to the VS casting in 2011 New York, and she has modelled for several high-profile brands, such as Oppo with America’s Next Top Model, Maybelline, Myer, L’Oreal, Vera Wang, Sony, Chanel, Max Mara, Westpac, David Jones, Karl Lagerfeld and many more.

For those looking to embark on a journey of self-discovery and professional growth, GEM Modelling & Glamour Academy’s weekend bootcamp in 2024 promises to be a game-changer.

Albert Prias

Alberto Prias, commonly known as Albie, is an Interior Designer with a classical background and a contemporary stylist flair. Graduating with Cum Laude Honors in fine arts from the University of Santo Tomas, Albie also earned the prestigious Manuel Quezon Presidential Award for Leadership. Currently serving as a TAFE teacher and Assessor at the Design Center in Enmore, he simultaneously holds the position of Design Consultant at Coco Republic.

Albie’s extensive and impressive resume includes his role as the Managing Director of FLAGCOM & Friends, a prominent and award-winning advocate group for the Gay & Lesbian community. He holds a significant position within the Alliance of Philippine Community Organizations and consistently promotes the Department of Philippine Tourism, the Philippine Consulate, and the Aids Council of Australia.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Albie generously lends his talents to various community and charity organizations. He actively contributes to the creation, planning, and management of fundraising events, supporting these organizations in fulfilling their missions and expanding their community outreach. Albie’s diverse skill set extends to producing, managing, and directing large-scale local and international shows, encompassing plays, talent searches, modeling, beauty pageants, and fashion runway events, including the Rocky Gathercole show in Sydney.

A Night of Glamour and Celebration: Global Elite Media Group Joins Forces with StarCentral Media Group for a Grand Year-End Event

Photo Credit: Mohan Raj

As the curtains fell on another remarkable year, Global Elite Media Group and StarCentral Media Group came together to mark the occasion with an extravagant celebration. The opulent five-star setting of Sir Stamford Hotel in Circular Quay provided the perfect backdrop for an evening of glamour, entertainment, and delightful surprises.

The event unfolded as a dazzling affair, leaving attendees in awe of the luxurious atmosphere and the festivities that awaited them. From delectable treats to captivating entertainment, the celebration promised a night of joy and camaraderie.

The culinary journey embarked upon by the attendees was a highlight of the evening, with the expertly curated menu featuring delicious canapes, refreshing drinks, and mouthwatering sweet bread. The culinary team left no stone unturned in ensuring that every bite was a delightful experience, adding a touch of culinary excellence to the night’s festivities.

Guiding the proceedings with her signature charisma and flair was the super MC, Jojo Almazora Sebastian. His infectious energy set the tone for the evening, ensuring that the celebration flowed seamlessly and captivated the attention of all in attendance.

The event showcased a lineup of GEM Models and influencers who brought their unique charm to the celebration. Laitha, Poompavai, Prasy Parkasan, Bianca, Joanne Nicholas, Leah, Margie, Neah Joshua, Neetha George, Rukmarni Swaroop, Sony Redy, and Randeep Singh graced the occasion, adding a touch of class to the festivities.

This collaboration between Global Elite Media Group and StarCentral Media Group not only marked the end of a successful year but also served as a testament to the power of unity in the media and entertainment industry. The night was a celebration of talent, camaraderie, and the shared commitment to creating memorable experiences for audiences around the world.

As the echoes of laughter and the vibrant energy of the evening lingered, it was evident that the Global Elite Media Group and StarCentral Media Group year-end celebration had left an indelible mark on everyone present. The promise of more exciting collaborations and celebrations in the upcoming year only added to the anticipation of what lies ahead for these media powerhouses.

Unlock Success: 5 Tips for Maximizing Media Coverage for Your Brand in 2024!

In today’s fast-paced world, getting media coverage for your brand, product, or service can be a powerful way to get your message in front of a large audience. Whether it’s traditional media outlets such as television, radio, and newspapers or digital media like blogs, podcasts, and social media, media coverage can help you to establish credibility, increase brand awareness, and generate leads. Below are some tips on how to get media coverage for your business:

Identify Your Target Media

Before reaching out to media outlets, you must identify the right media outlets for your business. Research media outlets that cater to your target audience and are likely to be interested in your message. Create a list of relevant publications, journalists, bloggers, and influencers who cover your industry, product, or service.

Create a Newsworthy Story

To capture media attention, you need a newsworthy story. Journalists are always on the lookout for stories that are interesting, informative, and timely. Your story should be unique and relevant to the media outlet’s audience. Think about how your story can provide value to the readers or viewers of the media outlet.

Craft a Compelling Pitch

Once you have identified your target media and have a newsworthy story, it’s time to craft a compelling pitch. Your pitch should be concise, clear, and engaging. It should answer the following questions: What is the story? Why is it important? Why is it relevant to the media outlet’s audience? And why is it timely? Use facts, figures, and quotes to support your pitch and make it more compelling.

Build Relationships

Building relationships with journalists, bloggers, and influencers is crucial to getting media coverage. Follow them on social media, read their articles, and engage with them by commenting or sharing their content. When you reach out to them with a pitch, personalize your message and reference their previous work. If they don’t respond, don’t be discouraged. Keep trying and follow up with them in a respectful manner.

Offer Exclusive Content

Media outlets are always looking for exclusive content that they can use to attract and retain their audience. Offer exclusive access to your product, service, or expert insights. This will not only help you to get media coverage but also to establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry.

Be Available for Interviews

If a journalist or blogger is interested in covering your story, ensure you are available for an interview. Be prepared to answer questions and provide additional information. If you are not confident in your interview skills, consider getting media training to help you to communicate your message effectively.

Follow Up

After you have sent your pitch, follow up with the journalist, blogger, or influencer to ensure they received it. If they didn’t respond, send a polite follow-up message. But don’t be pushy or aggressive, as this can harm your chances of getting media coverage.

In conclusion, getting media coverage requires persistence, patience, and a well-crafted pitch. By identifying your target media, creating a newsworthy story, building relationships, offering exclusive content, being available for interviews, and following up, you can increase your chances of getting media coverage and reaching a larger audience. Remember that media coverage can help you to establish credibility, increase brand awareness, and generate leads, so it’s worth the effort.

1MX Music Festival 2023: An Unforgettable Night of Asian-Australian Musical Brilliance Is Coming To Sydney!

Get ready for a musical extravaganza like no other! The 1MX Sydney Music Festival is gearing up to make history as the first-ever festival featuring Asian-Australian-Kiwi artists under one roof. Scheduled for October 8th at the iconic Hordern Pavilion in Sydney, this event promises to be a night to remember.

Check out the lineup of local and international artists who will be performing at the 1MX Sydney Music Festival:

Dami Im: The Vocal Dynamo

Leading the lineup is the sensational Dami Im, renowned for her incredible voice and trend-setting music. Dami’s musical journey began when she triumphed in the fifth season of The X Factor Australia. Since then, she’s been on a meteoric rise, with her debut and winner’s single, “Alive,” hitting number one on the ARIA Singles Chart. Her self-titled second studio album achieved platinum status, and her latest EP, “In Between,” has been making waves, currently residing in the Top 10 Australian albums on the ARIA charts. Prepare to be mesmerized by her captivating performance!

William Singe: The Music Scene Maverick

A true luminary in Australia’s music scene, William Singe is set to mesmerize the audience with his extraordinary talent. William’s musical journey began as a member of The Collective, an Australian boy band formed during the fourth season of The X Factor Australia. His solo career skyrocketed, recording numerous R&B, pop, reggae, hip-hop, and rap covers, amassing over two million Facebook fans, topping Spotify charts, and earning millions of video views on YouTube.

KZ Tandingan: Asia’s Soul Supreme

Prepare to be blown away by the remarkable KZ Tandingan, known as “Asia’s Soul Supreme.” After winning the first season of The X Factor Philippines in 2012, KZ’s career skyrocketed. She’s been honoured with numerous awards, including 7 Awit Awards, 3 Wish 107.5 Music Awards, and 2 Myx Music Awards. KZ achieved international fame through China’s reality TV singing competition, Singer 2018, and made history with a sold-out solo concert at the Dubai World Trade Center Arena.

Ben&Ben: Folk-Pop Sensations

Ben&Ben, the beloved folk-pop band from the Philippines, is set to serenade the audience with their chart-topping hits, including “Kathang Isip,” “Maybe The Night,” “Leaves,” and more. They’ve been named Spotify’s Most Streamed Artist in the Philippines and have scooped up multiple awards, including Awit Awards, Myx Awards, Wish 107.5 Music Awards, and an NME Award for Best Asian Band.

Keenan Te: The Pop Sensation

Pop sensation Keenan Te has taken the music industry by storm, boasting over 5 billion views on TikTok and over 100 million streams in the past year. His powerful voice has caught the attention of top musicians and personalities, solidifying his place in the music world.

Milky Day: The Lofi and R&B Maestro

Milky Day, the rising Korean-New Zealander artist, brings a blend of Lofi and R&B to the stage. Milky Day embodies a contrast that resonates with the new generation with a background in classical piano, a math degree from Amherst College, and a passion for producing. His tracks, including “You’ll Be Alright,” “Take It Slow,” “Fool,” and “Youuu,” have amassed millions of streams, establishing him in the global R&B scene.

Maymay Entrata: The Multifaceted Star

Maymay Entrata is a Filipino actress, singer, television host, dancer, and model who catapulted to fame after winning Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7. Her debut album, launched at the SM North EDSA SkyDome, sold thousands of copies and earned gold and platinum certifications from the Philippine Association of the Record Industry (PARI).

Bini: The P-Pop Powerhouse

Bini, a P-Pop Girl Group formed through Star Hunt Academy (SHA), has taken the music world by storm. In just one year, they released their debut album, “Born to Win,” showcasing hits like the title track “Born To Win” and “Na Na Na.” They wowed audiences with their performances in the sibling group concert streamed worldwide alongside BGYO called “One Dream: The BINI & BGYO Concert.” In 2021, BINI was named the MTV Asia Spotlight Artist for October and November and won Best Female Group at the Saludo Excellence Awards.

Don’t Miss Out on the 1MX Sydney Music Festival!

This music festival promises remarkable performances, powerful songs, and brilliant artists, all converging for a day of pure musical magic. Whether you’re a devoted fan of these incredible talents or simply curious to explore the genre and culture, the 1MX Sydney Music Festival offers an entire day of entertainment that transcends boundaries.

Interested in coming to this epic event? You can experience 8 FULL concerts from noon til sundown in easier payments and interest-free!

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by – get your tickets now and slay with your favourite artists via this link:  1MX Music Festival

“Streets of Colour” Movie Review: A Captivating Tale of Friendship, Hope, and Overcoming Adversity

“Streets of Colour” is a captivating film that leaves a lasting impact, resonating deeply within the hearts of its viewers. It tells the ultimate story of friendship, hope, and life’s triumph over adversity, moving audiences with each viewing.

In times of despair, “Streets of Colour” becomes a beacon of hope, uplifting spirits in ways that contemporary movies rarely achieve. It touches the soul, evoking a sense of spiritual awakening for many. The film affirms the enduring power of friendships that endure even the direst circumstances, often bringing grown women like myself to tears.  

Some may initially question how a movie titled “Streets of Colour,” centered around a 25-year-old drug dealer battling addiction, manages to strike a chord with such a broad audience. Yet, every aspect of the film seamlessly comes together. The acting is impeccable, from the lead roles to the most minor parts. The musical score, editing, photography, and storytelling were executed quite well, from the opening credits to the final scene. Even the portrayal of Mt Druitt adds authenticity to the film.  

This movie is far from ordinary; it carries a profound message. Its foundation rests upon hope, which serves as the guiding force throughout the narrative. While underlying religious subtexts emphasize themes of faith and hope, the movie speaks to anyone searching for a glimmer of optimism. It delivers a compelling and deeply moving story, expertly written, acted, and shot. It is a cinematic gem that sets the bar high.

One cannot overlook the phenomenal performances in “Streets of Colour.” Rahel Romahn delivers an epic portrayal, evoking darkness, sorrow, and an overwhelming passion that leaves a lasting impression. Romahn portrays Tez, the film’s protagonist, whose life spirals downward following the racially charged street fight that tragically claims his friend’s life. Alongside him, Kyle Madden, played by an equally impressive actor, experiences his own tumultuous journey.

Ronnie S. Riskalla’s direction ensures a steady pace throughout the film, perfectly complementing the compelling writing and exquisite cinematography. Riskalla presents the life of a drug addict in a harrowing manner, focusing not only on physical pain but also the immense mental strain and torment experienced by addicts.

For those who have yet to experience its power, “Streets of Colour” demands immediate attention. It is a film that offers more than meets the eye. This film sets a new standard with its profound message and exceptional performances. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Yolandi Franken, the executive producer of Streets of Colour, for graciously inviting us to witness this extraordinary cinematic experience.

You can experience Streets of Colour at multiple locations nationwide. The screening sessions are listed below:


Casula Powerhouse | Saturday, July 22, 2023

Actors Centre, Leichhardt | Monday, July 31, 2023

Parramatta Riverside | Thursday, August 24, Friday, August 25, and Saturday, September 2, 2023


Village Cinemas | Sunday, August 6, 2023


The Backlot | Sunday, August 13, 2023


New Farm Cinemas | Wednesday, August 16, 2023