Glitz, Glamour, and Empowerment at the Official Crowning of Miss International Australia 2023

Photo Credit: Tony Palliser of Studio 49

The stage was set, and excitement filled the air as Proxima Hub played host to the highly anticipated official crowning of Miss International Australia 2023. Attended by a diverse and enthusiastic crowd of guests, the event promised an evening of elegance and celebration.

Upon entering the venue, guests were greeted with a delectable spread of culinary delights that left taste buds tingling with delight. The food was nothing short of amazing, adding a delightful touch to the evening’s festivities.

As the spotlight shone on the stage, reigning Miss International Australia 2022, Anjelica Whitelaw, gracefully made her way to the center, ready to pass the crown to the deserving winner. With National Director Julieta De Leon by her side, the moment was filled with anticipation and emotion.

The prestigious crown was placed upon the head of the newly crowned Miss International Australia 2023, Jazel Alarca. Her radiant smile and poise exemplified the qualities of a true beauty queen, capturing the hearts of the audience and leaving a lasting impression.

The event’s seamless execution and magical moments were made possible by the visionary minds of Marc Baylon and Jasper Lim from Stargazer Production. Their dedication and attention to detail ensured that every aspect of the evening was nothing short of perfection.

A special highlight of the evening was the presence of esteemed guests, including Miss International Australia 2021 Monique Shippen and Susana Danielle Downes, the reigning Miss Earth Australia 2019. The event also played host to the queens of Mrs. Earth Australia, Serena Antonia Peralta, Miss Little Earth 2023, and the Miss Junior Earth Australia titleholders: Water 2023 – Sittie Mariam Busok Calle, Air 2023 – Jehan Namrawi, and Miss Teen Earth Australia Air 2023 – Jerlyn Rama Gubat. Their presence added a touch of prestige and camaraderie, uniting beauty queens from different pageants under one roof.

The official crowning was supported by Millionaires Alliance, a major sponsor, and StarCentral Magazine, the event’s official media partner. Their unwavering support highlighted the significance of the evening and the positive impact of empowering young women through beauty pageants.

The event was not only a celebration of beauty but also a celebration of empowerment and the embodiment of grace and intelligence. Miss International Australia stands as an advocate for various charitable causes and embodies the essence of female empowerment.

As the evening concluded, it was evident that the official crowning of Miss International Australia 2023 was a resounding success. From the stunning venue to the inspiring speeches, the event showcased the brilliance of young women who aim to make a difference in society. The pageant served as a platform for dreams to take flight and for strong, independent women to shine.

In the spirit of empowerment, the event instilled a renewed sense of purpose among the attendees, reminding them that every individual has the power to make a positive impact on the world. The official crowning of Miss International Australia 2023 was an unforgettable evening, leaving everyone inspired and eager to support the journey of Jazel Alarca, the new face of beauty and empowerment.