5 Surefire Ways To Tame Food Cravings So You Can Avoid Weight Gain

It’s always important to consider the ways in which you can improve on yourself. And a common goal for anyone is to want to lose weight. And it is equally as common to find that weight loss resolutions are easily broken. Some of this failure can be attributed to the common misconception around weight loss is that you have to forsake everything you love in order to achieve your goal. Not only is this notion untrue, but it is also actually the opposite of the truth.

Below five ways for you to shrink your waistline without having to sacrifice your food cravings.


The key to losing weight is to burn calories, and a good way to burn calories is to participate in moderate exercise. The most effective exercise to burn calories and belly fat is a combination of weightlifting and aerobic exercises. Prior to beginning an exercise regimen, it’s important to consult with your healthcare provider to ensure that there are no underlying health risks for moderate exercise.

Keep Good Portions

There is a ring of truth to the phrase “all things in moderation.” Even if you’re eating what you want, smaller portions will have smaller amounts of calories and fats. But just because you eat smaller portions of your favorite things, that doesn’t mean you have a license to make that favorite food the only thing you eat. Instead, eat balanced portions of your favorite junk food, fruits, vegetables, and protein.

Eat Smaller Meals Throughout the Day

Conventional wisdom talks about eating three square meals each day, but conventional wisdom has more recently taken a back seat to the notion that light snacking throughout the day is the way to go. If you don’t eat throughout the day except for regular meal times, you may be inclined to eat more. But if you lightly snack throughout the day, you can avoid those big meal pig-out sessions.

Embrace Your Caffeine Habit

Coffee and other sources of caffeine can act as an appetite suppressant, making you want to eat less. If coffee or tea is one of the things you love, go ahead and have some. But remember to have it in moderation.

When you eat, Don’t Over Eat

This point goes right alongside the necessity of keeping good portions. Often times when we eat, especially bigger meals, we have the tendency to eat well past the point that we are full. Resist this temptation. If you only eat to the point that you are pleasantly full, you will have an easier time working off those calories.

A Final Word

Losing weight doesn’t have to mean losing your taste for the food and drink you love. And if you follow guidelines for responsible eating of all such tasty food, you will be able to go into next year with more than just a desire to stay thin, but a practical approach to making sure it happens.

5 Simple Yet Effective Diet Plans to Shake Off Your Autumn Weight

Even the most stressed people let their hair down and hang ten during winter. So, in the most celebrated and comfortable time of the year, you find yourself relaxing and devouring three times the calorie per day you usually consume. And, unknowingly, you make it to three sizes up in just two weeks.

Now, you no longer fit into your favorite jeans, and you are forced to wear the sweatpants even if it’s Wednesday. Suddenly, wearing a bikini is not an option and the holidays don’t seem so appealing anymore.

Well, stop moping around about eating that bowl of chocolate ice cream and the three slices of strawberry cheesecake your mom made you. There’s no point in crying over spilled milk, or in your case, empty bottles of milk.

It’s time to get your A-game on and take back your body! Here are five simple and effective diet plans to shed off the excess weight:

Don’t skip breakfast

Just because you’ve eaten too much for the few weeks, doesn’t mean you have to stop eating anything to lose a few pounds. Skipping meals, especially breakfast, will only leave you starving and then wanting to eat more. This will then lead to gaining more weight, which is something that you don’t want.

Eat breakfast so you have the energy to do your tasks for the day. And, you won’t have the urge to eat a few sugary treats every now and then.

Drink more water

You feeling hungry almost every time is sometimes just your body telling you that you are thirsty. Next time you have an impulse to eat a chocolate bar, try drowning that impulse with a glass of water.

Moreover, your body mostly composed of water and getting hydrated all the time ensures that all the other parts get the necessary amount they need to function properly.

Eat your greens

Fiber is your friend. You want to inject more fibrous fodders in your meals because it helps you digest food better. Leafy green vegetables are rich in fiber and you have tons of selections from your local grocery and Farmer’s Market to choose from.

Aside from fiber, you are dosing up your body with much-needed nutrients, which you can only get from fresh veggies. Taking care of your body doesn’t mean just being thin enough for a bikini but also having the body and the energy to do the things you want to do.

Say goodbye to your bag of chips

Losing weight is already hard enough. There is no need to make it more difficult for yourself. So, throw away your bags and bags of junk food, and anything that isn’t necessary for your health.

Make an inventory of what is inside your fridge and kitchen cabinets and take out those that don’t fit into your healthy diet.


Yes, make a commitment. It is easy to choose the food that we eat but being consistent about it can be very challenging. An effective diet plan depends mostly on how unswerving and dedicated you are in following it.

Keep sight of your goal and don’t let a few chocolate bars take you off the right track. A few bites of pizza once in a while won’t hurt. And, of course, don’t forget to stay active and exercise. Your dream body is within your reach as long as you stay disciplined and you always put your health first.