10 Fashion Essentials You Definitely Need For 2022

By Chi de Jesus

Are you tired of flipping through the magazines and going through people’s OTD’s just to get an idea of what to wear or what to shop for yourself? Here are some fashion essentials that will get you through this year. We’ve interviewed fashion experts and clothing aficionados to get their recommendations on what a stylish woman would need to be “in fashion” in 2022 (at least).

A WHITE SHIRT – buttoned-down, blousette, or crew neck, this versatile piece can go well with any clothing item. Former print and runway model, Aileen Santarinala says fabric and fit are key to making this item go with any other fashion item. Asia’s Next Top Model alumni Jodilly Pendre, says it’s her go-to item because it’s a “no brainer” – it fits any look and fashion item.

A PRINTED BLOUSE – can be the centerpiece to any solid colour combination or a break to any colour blocked look, be mindful of the size of the print though and make sure it works for you (more of this in an upcoming article). Your printed blouse can be an accent to your streamlined look.

CASHMERE KNIT – with a cowl or a turtle neck in light breathable fabric can easily transition through any season – wear it easy or with a classic look, it’ll work wonders for you… light cardigans and cozy sweaters can also work as long as it’s not fabric heavy
Comfort and style rolled into one item that may add sophistication to your style.

BLACK BODYSUIT – it’s like a leotard but with snap-ons at the bottom for easy access when you go to the little girl’s room. This is perfect for night-outs where you can move freely without worrying about what’s-untucked-where.. Perfect with low waist denim or dress shorts.

BLAZER – double-breasted or three-buttoned, tapered or oversized, this item can make the transition from casual to casual chic, from chill to corporate, and can be an emergency item that you can “pull out of the hat” when the need arises. Work with earth tones to make this item more versatile.

SILK SLIP DRESS – by itself with sexy pumps can be as captivating as wearing it with white runners and a denim jacket. It’s an item that provides a great contrast between fabrics and accessories and a good canvass to express your whimsy. Innerwear as outerwear brings us back to the design concept of Coco Chanel.

A JUMPSUIT – an item that you can literally “jump into” combining top and bottoms in a sleek design – it’s classic enough that it goes through seasons and timelines all you need to do is accessorize. Can work with or without an inner shirt.

BLACK TROUSERS – straight cut or bootleg, this goes well with almost all fashion items and it streamlines the look especially if you are bottom-heavy. If not, there is always the white option.
Make sure that cut and length complements your body proportions.

DENIM JEANS – how can you get more classic than that? Robby Carmona, multi-awarded Filipino Fashion Director says it’s a staple for daily activities and travel. Fit is key and an understanding of your body structure allows you to choose the best type for you because there’s always a denim pair of jeans for any shape or size. Proper accessories can glam this number ready for the clubs.

CLASSIC COAT COVER-UP – an easy choice to transform your look from laid-back to travel chic without breaking a sweat … make it more versatile by choosing water-repellent fabric for the rains and you will look smashing. All-weather, all occasion.. a necessary item for your wardrobe.

They’re VERSATILE, CLASSIC, and FUNCTIONAL – three qualities that make all these items essential to your wardrobe. Watch out for the rest of the “Fashion Essential Series” where we discuss accessorising and how to handle your biggest fashion essential – your skin!

Source: The Australian Filipina