15 Of Instagram’s Highest Earning Celeb Couples Ranked

From Selena and Chris to Kim K and Pete –  the rumors are rife with potential new couples blossoming every day. But which of our favourite A-list couples stand to earn the most per combined Instagram post? By utilizing tools such as the Influencer Marketing HubTop10Casinos.com can now reveal all.



Potential earnings per post $

Combined potential earnings per post $

Potential earnings per post $


Kylie Jenner




Travis Scott

Selena Gomez




Chris Evans

Ariana Grande




Dalton Gomez

Kim Kardashian




Pete Davidson

Justin Bieber




Hailey Bieber





Jay Z

Kendall Jenner




Devin Booker

Taylor Swift




Joe Alwyn





Tom Holland

Kourtney Kardashian




Travis Barker

Katy Perry




Orlando Bloom

Cardi B





Kevin Hart




Eniko Hart

A$AP Rocky





Camila Cabello




Shawn Mendes

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are the celebrity couple with the highest combined potential Instagram earnings, with an estimated $1,066,150 per post! When broken down into individual figures, Kylie not only has the largest number of followers (278 million) of all the celebrities analyzed, but she also could rake in the most with an estimated individual earning of $921,751 per post – a whopping 538% more than her baby daddy Travis Scott ($144,399 per post), and 41% more than her big sis Kendall Jenner ($652,144 per post).

If the rumors are true, Selena Gomez and Marvel man Chris Evans could take second place, with combined earnings of $937,452. Despite Selena potentially earning 1.3% less than her fellow pop star Ariana Grande, it is Captain America himself that comes to the rescue to place them in second with estimated $43,289 per post.

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez take third – with Ariana potentially carrying both her and her newlywed husband Dalton Gomez with Instagram earrings of $904,409, as the real-estate broker chose to keep his life and Instagram private.  This makes the popstar the second-highest-paid A-lister of the celebrities analyzed, just 1.8% behind Kylie Jenner who takes the top spot.

Another rumoured romance is that of Kim Kardashian and comedian Pete Davidson, as they were recently spotted holding hands on a Halloween ride. If they were to couple up, they could be the fourth highest-earning couple on Instagram with estimated potential earnings of £632,810. However, this is a 3% decrease from the earnings Kim K could have made with her baby daddy Kanye – as the couple had estimated earnings of £654,184 per post before their split.

Beyoncé earns more than 90% of celebrity couples collectively

Queen B places in sixth despite the lack of her husband’s, Jay Z, Instagram account with a whopping estimated earning of $715,103 – single-handedly earning more than 90% of the celebrity couples analyzed!

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes make the top 15

In 15th place are sweethearts and ‘Senorita’ singers Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes, with combined potential earnings of $405,761 – 361% more than Cabello’s collaboration partner Machine Gun Kelly and his girlfriend Megan Fox, who could earn together $87,870 per post.

Although they have recently split – Victoria Secret model Gigi Hadid and her ex-boo, Zayn Malik would place in 16th. With Gigi ($233,464) potentially earning 65% more than her ex-popstar boyfriend Zayn ($141,213), the pair still pull in 2% more than Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi ($367,069 combined potential earnings) who place 17th.


  1. Top10Casinos.com sought to discover the most popular celebrity couple with the highest collective potential earnings on Instagram.
  2. The obtained list of celebrity couples was sourced from multiple articles relating to the most well-known celebrity couples using in-house metrics. Sources can be found here.
  3. Following the establishment of a seed list, each celebrity’s Instagram username was obtained – if neither member of the couple had Instagram or had private accounts they were omitted from the study.
  4. Influencer Marketing Hub was utilized to collect each celebrity’s potential earnings per Instagram post, by inputting their Instagram username into the tool.
  5. The combined earnings of the couples were totaled and ranked in descending order, to thus determine the celebrity couple with the highest potential earnings on Instagram.
  6. The currency was originally collected in USD ($) and rounded up to the nearest dollar.
  7. Data was collected on 28.10.21 and is subject to change.

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